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Flaval separator - Patent 5,026,386Flaval separator - Patent 5,026,386
A surgical instrument specifically designed to facilitate the separation of the Ligamentum Flavum from its vertebral attachments is disclosed. The instrument has an angulated semispherical solid ovoid tip with sharp edges along its top flat surface.
Spinal surgery chest bolster - Patent 4,908,892Spinal surgery chest bolster - Patent 4,908,892
A covered foam bolster is in the shape of a truncated pyramid specialized for use with a spinal surgery frame on an inclined table for supporting the chest, shoulders and arms of the patient only. The truncated pyramid has cutout portions for supporting the arms of the patient and provides increasing support to the chest of the patient as the weight of the patient is increased.
Spinal support chest bolster - Patent D319,700Spinal support chest bolster - Patent D319,700
Paper clip - Patent 4,949,435Paper clip - Patent 4,949,435
An improved paper clip is disclosed consisting of a single piece of wire bent so as to have a straight top spine portion, two straight side leg portions substantially perpendicular to each end of the top spine portion and bent portions extending from, each side leg portion diagonally at approximately 45 degrees in the direction of the top spine portion. Each bent end portion extends from more than 1/2 the diagonal distance from the end of the side leg portion to the top spine portion.
Interspace irrigator - Patent 4,968,298Interspace irrigator - Patent 4,968,298
A suction irrigation device for use in the lumbar interspace following conventional discectomy is disclosed. The device has an inflatable cuff to seal the interspace opening and permit the evacuation of residual disc fragments through a closed system so as to assure that such debris does not find its way into the spinal canal.
Threaded spinal implant - Patent 5,015,247Threaded spinal implant - Patent 5,015,247
An artificial spinal implant is disclosed which when placed between two adjacent vertebrae directly participates and is incorporated in the ensuing fusion. Instrumentation and procedure is also disclosed.
Spinal marking needle - Patent D325,081Spinal marking needle - Patent D325,081
X-ray marker - Patent 4,985,019X-ray marker - Patent 4,985,019
An adhesively applied marker for use in determining the location of where a spinal marker needle is to be placed is disclosed. The markers have a radiopaque grid pattern and other indicia on the surface of the marker so that when adhesively applied to the patient, they will clearly show the location of the markers in relationship to the body of the patient. A central opening for a marker needle is also provided. The discs are made in various sizes, for different applications.
Surgical retractor frame - Patent D319,502Surgical retractor frame - Patent D319,502
Medical instrument handle - Patent D318,118Medical instrument handle - Patent D318,118
Curette - Patent D318,117Curette - Patent D318,117
Surgical elevator - Patent D318,116Surgical elevator - Patent D318,116
Surgical chisel - Patent D318,115Surgical chisel - Patent D318,115
Spinal osteotome - Patent D324,424Spinal osteotome - Patent D324,424
Lumbar interbody gauge - Patent D318,629Lumbar interbody gauge - Patent D318,629
Combined medical instruments case and sterilizer - Patent D313,651Combined medical instruments case and sterilizer - Patent D313,651
Microdiscectomy curette handle - Patent D312,310Microdiscectomy curette handle - Patent D312,310
Lumbar interbody graft driver - Patent D312,309Lumbar interbody graft driver - Patent D312,309
Suction retractor - Patent D312,306Suction retractor - Patent D312,306
Orthopedic support frame - Patent 4,481,943Orthopedic support frame - Patent 4,481,943
The present invention is an orthopedic support frame for use during orthopedic surgery. The frame provides increased stability of the patient during surgery in the modified knee-chest position with better control of flexion and extension. The frame comprises two triangular shaped brackets, each having a first and second frame members disposed at right angles to each other and having a third frame member extending from the end of the first member to the end of the second member. The mounting brackets are disposed in parallel spaced apart relationship with the second frame member comprising mounting means for mounting the frame on an operating table. At least one stationary posterior support member which is rigidly affixed to and across the first frame members and supports the posterior of the patient. A locking member is disposed below the posterior support member and is adjustably affixed to and across the first frame member. A cross member may be affixed to and extend between the third frame members to provide additional structural strength to the frame.